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Located in Adelaide SA, we are more than just any other dentists in Adelaide!

Servicing all of Adelaide city and beyond, our dedicated dental team is determined to provide our patients with quality dental care that benefits their overall health, fits their lifestyle and budget all while bringing a smile to their face.

We hold a strong focus on providing South Australian’s with quality dental treatments and healthy teeth at affordable prices. Our aim is to provide all patients with a dental service that is friendly and gentle, helping people to feel safe and comfortable throughout their entire appointment.

We’re here to help you achieve and maintain the optimum dental health you deserve!

How do we cut dental costs?

At YES Dentistry Adelaide our dentists perform general dentistry, but – we’ve decided to do something about reducing the cost of major dental work. We know many people find it costs so much that they put it off or just try to live with the problem. And that means the problem can get worse and any treatment could possibly get more extensive or more expensive. We concentrate on cosmetic dentistry, preventative dental and major dental care like crowns, bridges and implants. Ensuring that we can be very efficient at what we do and we negotiate volume discounts from our dental laboratory and other suppliers, we then pass these dental treatment savings onto you.

Backed by years of dentistry and oral health experience

We are a 2-dentist Adelaide dental clinic, backed by an amazing team of hygienists, dental assistants and practice staff, meaning that we have the ability to offer our Adelaide patients with one-on-one dental treatment plans that make them feel at home, helping to relieve symptoms of anxiety that are often associated with visits to the dentist.

We understand the importance of all dental treatments and procedures being undertaken by professionals and are committed to providing our Adelaide dental patients on their journey to healthy teeth with our premium dental care. Which is why each member of our dental team is a qualified and highly experienced industry professional.

Dr Darrel Beckley

Dr Beckley has been working in the dental industry for over 25 years. He holds a special interest in cosmetic dentistry and believes in life-long learning with a commitment to ensure his skills and techniques are always up to date. Dr Beckley’s motivation is to ensure all his Adelaide patients receive nothing short of comprehensive care and dental service.

Dr Thomas Jaccarini

Growing up in Adelaide, Dr Jaccarini completed his dental studies at the University of Adelaide. His industry experience has seen him undertake professional dental work across the state with the South Australian Dental Service. Dr Jaccarini holds a particular interest in preventative, restorative and prosthodontic aspects of dental care and is committed to developing good patient relationships and always strives to provide excellent dental care.

Some of our dental services

Dental check-ups

Regular check-ups with your Adelaide dentist play a significant role in your oral health. Today there is more and more evidence showing that oral health is linked to physical health, meaning that poor oral health can prove to be an early sign of other medical conditions. At YES Dentistry, our dental check-up services focus on helping patients with the prevention and early intervention of gum disease, dental decay and oral cancer.

Cosmetic dentistry

Our experienced Adelaide dentists will assess your suitability for your chosen cosmetic dentistry treatment. They will discuss their findings and inform you of the cost of treatment. We also have payment plans to assist your finances.

Complimentary dental cosmetic consultation*

Why not come in for a free cosmetic consultation* and ask about crowns, dental implants, Smilefast braces, Invisalign, veneers or our teeth whitening options? *T&Cs apply.

Affordable crowns and bridges

A crown is a form of dental restoration which caps a tooth or dental implant. It’s often used to protect front and back teeth and is there to support brittle teeth and prevent fracturing. A bridge is used to replace one or missing teeth in a row, proving to be a great solution for missing teeth.Why not book a free cosmetic consultation* with a member of our professional dental team to see if a crown or bridge is the right dental treatment for you. *T&Cs apply.

Yes Dentistry's promise to you

As an Adelaide dental practice that understands the importance of a personalised approach to dentistry, we will never provide our clients with a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our Adelaide Dental professionals work closely with you to determine your individual dental needs and work with you to develop a dental treatment plan that you are comfortable with and encompass all your dental health options.

We understand that knowledge is power, which is why we always want our clients to remain informed and educated about their dental health. We will always take the time to provide you with all the dental information about your dental health, to ensure that you are able to make a well-informed decision prior to any treatments.

$150 Scale&Clean offer*

We offer a $150 Scale&Clean and dental check-up. The offer includes 2 diagnostic back teeth X-rays if required. Our friendly Adelaide dentists will perform a full dental check-up and a qualified dental hygienist will undertake a thorough scale & clean. This dental treatment will take approximately 60 mins.

Our Adelaide dental professionals will then discuss their findings with you and, if required, present you with a treatment plan and fees. We also have payment plans to assist your finances
should major dental treatment be necessary *T&Cs apply

Health fund gap free dental*

Want to enjoy preventative gap-free dentistry? We are preferred health fund providers for BUPA and HCF so you can use your fund and close the gap on check-ups and hygiene visits each year*.

Two fully covered dental check-ups each year

*  Two fully covered mouthguards (through HCF)
*  Subject to annual limits.

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If you’re looking for highly experienced dentists in Adelaide, that will provide you with premium dental care and treatment plans at an affordable price, be sure to give us a call today. We’re committed to helping people achieve their optimum oral health.

Our Adelaide dentist is located in the Adelaide CBD, but we provide premium dental services for patients all across South Australia.

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YES Dentistry is a proudly owned and operated family business based in the Adelaide CBD. We support #ichoosesa

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* Gap-free if in a health fund. Click here for T&Cs. 24 hour notice to reschedule otherwise free offer is invalid.

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Important COVID-19 update for Yes Dentistry (20/07/2021)

Direction by the South Australian Government and the South Australian Dental Association that dental practices move to Level 5 for the next 7 days (to be reviewed by Tuesday 27/7/21). This means we are unable to perform any dental treatments. Any dental treatment without expressed permission from the public health authorities is prohibited. All patients with acute dental concerns will need to contact their GP or attend an emergency department of a public hospital.

Together we can all help to minimise the risks of transmission in our community.

If you need more information, please direct message us via Facebook @YourEverySmile.YESDentistry or Instagram