5 signs you should see your dentist Adelaide

It is important to regularly see a dentist Adelaide who will help you maintain your oral health. Regular visits with your dentist Adelaide mean they can observe any changes either subtle or dramatic that may occur in your mouth. People lead busy lives and often their health is not at the forefront of their mind. It is easy to overlook in the daily busyness. However, it makes sense to invest time in the health of your teeth and gums as they are important to your overall health. A dentist Adelaide is highly skilled in the detection of oral health issues and will provide you with a treatment plan that clearly outlines your options.

1. Dry mouth

Dry mouth may not sound like much, but it can actually be quite damaging to your oral health. It is a condition where your saliva glands do not make enough saliva to keep your mouth lubricated and moisturised. Some of the causes of dry mouth can be certain medications, smoking or a result of chemotherapy or radiation therapies.

Dry mouth or xerostomia can lead to tooth decay, mouth sores, bad breath and trouble chewing or swallowing. A dentist Adelaide can diagnose and offer advice to relieve this condition. Dry mouth gels, frequent sipping of water and chewing sugar-free gum can help alleviate symptoms. See your dentist Adelaide if dry mouth persists.

2. Bad breath

Bad breath can be distressing for the sufferer and is often social alienating. A dentist Adelaide is sympathetic and regularly treats people with halitosis which is the clinical name for bad breath and can occur for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons for halitosis are smoking, xerostomia (dry mouth), poor oral hygiene, gum disease and tooth decay. See your dentist Adelaide if halitosis persists.

3. Toothache or tooth sensitivity

Toothache and tooth sensitivity can range from mild to severe and can be for different reasons depending on the symptoms. A dentist Adelaide will investigate the symptoms and determine if exposed roots, decay or infection of the pulp (nerve) of the tooth or another factor may be the cause. It is important to visit your dentist Adelaide promptly to avoid extensive treatment.

4. Irritated or bleeding gums

Do you notice bleeding when you brush or floss your teeth? This is a sign of gum disease. A dentist Adelaide frequently treats patients with bleeding or irritated gums caused by inadequate plaque removal. If your gums bleed, feel tender or irritated, see you dentist Adelaide or hygienist as soon as possible to prevent further disease and receive tips on how to resolve the symptoms. Remember…. HEALTHY GUMS DON’T BLEED!

5. Mouth sores that last for more than 2 weeks

Most mouth sores or ulcers can be caused by irritation from biting, burning or irritation from a sharp object such as braces or dentures. They will usually resolve within two weeks of initial appearance. If you notice an unusual lesion in your mouth and it does not disappear within two weeks, you should see your dentist Adelaide as soon as possible to rule out any pathology. Most mouth sores do get better but early detection and diagnosis by a dentist Adelaide is always beneficial.

These 5 signs are a guide to some of the reasons why a visit to dentist Adelaide is an important first step to better oral health.