Dental implants Adelaide are a great permanent solution to a gap free smile!

At Your Every Smile [YES] Dentistry our patients begin their journey to a smile transformation. This can be an emotional, life changing journey that is handled with professional care by our genuine and friendly team.

Having missing teeth causes unnecessary embarrassment and often means people don’t smile or try to hide their mouth when they speak. Being self-conscious can affect confidence and overall enjoyment of life. Dental implants Adelaide are an effective and permanent solution for replacing missing teeth.

Dental implants Adelaide are designed to mimic the look of your natural teeth. They look and feel like natural teeth. Dental implants Adelaide are a fixed, permanent replacement that are convenient because they can be cleaned and flossed just like natural teeth. No more removing dentures and plates for cleaning.

A dental implant consists of a high-grade titanium post which is surgically inserted into the jaw where it fuses with the existing bone over a number of months. This fusing process is known as osseointegration. Once the dental implants Adelaide are placed, there is a wait time of at least 3 months before a permanent crown, bridge or denture can be placed onto the implant. Sometimes temporary teeth can be placed on the implant at surgery so you are never without teeth.

When teeth are removed there is an immediate loss of bone in the area. Subsequent bone loss will occur gradually over time leading to very thin ridges. If a missing tooth is left for too long then bone grafting will be required at the time of implant placement. When there is advanced bone loss, grafting will be required as a stand-alone surgery before an implant can be inserted.

If a tooth is severely decayed or broken and is unable to be repaired with the use of other dental procedures then a dental implant will provide the patient with an effective, long-term replacement. Previously a dentist would often rely on a bridge to replace a missing single tooth. However, often two healthy teeth would be required to anchor the bridge to fill the space. A dental implant Adelaide means compromising healthy teeth is unnecessary. In the case of a single tooth implant – no other teeth are affected. A dental implant has a longer life than a bridge or dentures and is a more reliable, permanent solution.

As people age, the structure of the face changes but if teeth are missing this change can be more pronounced with a more noticeable sagging, shrunken appearance. Dental implants Adelaide can help retain a more natural facial appearance as bone loss and jaw structure are minimised. Dental implants Adelaide are the closest thing to natural teeth.

We are often asked how long a dental implant will last, however, every patient’s circumstances are different and these differences impact on individual outcomes. Modern dental implants Adelaide are long lasting but long-term success requires patients to commit to regular dental visits, following the instructions of their dentist and caring for their oral health. These factors are all imperative to achieving a permanent outcome. With good management, dental implants can last for many years and when compared with other dental procedures can be a cost-effective treatment to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of having.