How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Your Appearance And Self-confidence!

 A cosmetic dentist Adelaide will strive to improve a patient’s smile while maintaining their oral health. The visual improvement of teeth involves cosmetic dentistry which is concerned with the shape, alignment and colour of teeth. A cosmetic dentist Adelaide will fix chips, cracks, gaps and deep stains on teeth.

The benefits of consulting a cosmetic dentist Adelaide can be life changing with improvements in self-confidence, reducing anxiety regarding appearance and an improvement in quality of life.

People are more likely to smile when not self-conscious about their appearance. If people are anxious about how their teeth look they may try to cover them with their hands, not make eye contact and even avoid social situations due to embarrassment. Consulting a cosmetic dentist Adelaide is your first step on your journey to a better smile.

Key procedures available from a cosmetic dentist Adelaide include teeth whitening, braces, ceramic veneers, direct composite bonding and crowns.

Teeth whitening

Most people aren’t born with super white teeth – sometimes nature just needs a little help. Teeth whitening by a cosmetic dentist Adelaide is a fast and effective treatment to help you achieve sparkling, whiter teeth. At YES Dentistry [Your Every Smile] we use and recommend Opalescence products for effective and long-lasting results.


A person with crooked teeth may be embarrassed to smile. Braces fitted by a cosmetic dentist Adelaide can improve the look of teeth and a patient’s self-image. At YES Dentistry [Your Every Smile] we use discreet Smilefast braces which use clear brackets and white wires which blend seamlessly with your teeth.

Smilefast uses the latest Orthodontic technology to cosmetically align your teeth rapidly, yet safely. Using Smilefast’s exclusive and revolutionary technology your cosmetic dentist Adelaide is able to share with you the final outcome of your treatment before and during treatment. Our technology also allows you to check the progress of your treatment giving you piece of mind.

Ceramic Veneers

A veneer is placed over the front of the tooth and is used to change the colour and the shape of teeth. The benefits of ceramic veneers fitted by your cosmetic dentist Adelaide are their durability, stain resistance, great appearance and high shine finish. On average ceramic veneers can last for 10-15 years. They mimic the look of natural teeth and achieve a superior cosmetic appearance. The veneer is created by a lab technician and bonded by your cosmetic dentist Adelaide.

Direct Composite Bonding

A tooth coloured resin is applied directly to the tooth by your cosmetic dentist Adelaide and is bonded to the tooth during your appointment. On average Direct Composite Bonding can last from 3-5 years depending on chipping, staining and overall wear. Direct Composite Bonding can be cost effective however the cosmetic results are superior with ceramic veneers.


A crown is essentially a “cap or a hat” to strengthen a broken or damaged tooth or to improve cosmetics. Your cosmetic dentist Adelaide will cement the crown to the tooth so it won’t shift or become loose. Crowns made from ceramics are durable and easy to maintain as well as aesthetically beautiful. A crown can be designed to match the colour and shape of your existing teeth or changed to a new colour or shape. The translucent quality of natural teeth can be achieved with a ceramic crown thus creating a far more realistic smile. 

These dental treatments are some of the tools your cosmetic dentist Adelaide can utilise to help you improve your smile.