Looking for a dentist in the area?

Your search may be over.

Typically a new patient sees us with an idea of what they want and asks us for the answers that maybe others have not been able to provide. Apart from taking care of you when you have a toothache (and we’re great at getting rid of the pain) you may want to know about…

1.Care for ageing or breaking teeth
2.A smile makeover that looks attractive and natural
3.Bringing your teeth into line
4.Closing up a gap between your teeth
5.Replacing broken or missing teeth
6.Getting rid of chips and cracks
7.Restoring old, broken, stained or discoloured teeth
8.Replacing ugly metal fillings with natural tooth coloured ones
9.Eliminating the need for a plate or dentures
10.Enhancing the whiteness or brightness of your teeth

As a totally full service dental clinic, we’re able to help you with virtually any oral problems you might have. And once we’ve taken care of those, we’ll work with you to develop a personal maintenance program to assure your teeth will look and feel their best – today and into the future!

About our team
You want to make sure that your dental care is in the hands of experienced and caring professionals. Our friendly team provide quality general dentistry – complete dental care on your budget. They will take the time to answer your questions, so that you can have peace of mind when it comes to your dental procedures.

We want you to feel comfortable and totally at ease when you visit us. You’re always out first priority.

A final word
Now, it’s up to you. We’ve told you about ourselves, our services, and the way we work with our clients. All you have to do is call and set up an appointment so that we can examine your teeth. Once that’s done we’ll be able to give you a detailed run down on your problems, your options, and what the cost will be. We would never recommend any procedure that we wouldn’t have done on ourselves. There’s never any pressure. Your teeth, your decision.

And a word on costs. We think you’ll find our fees very competitive. We understand that we all live in a tough economic climate and we’re willing to work with you on payment plan options. We take all major credit cards, and payment plans are available. We want to give you and your family the best possible smiles with your budget in mind.

Why not give us a call today. We’ll set up an appointment at your convenience, and we’re really looking forward to seeing you! We are located close to trains, trams and buses as well as Blyth St Car Park.

Here’s to brighter and bigger smiles!