The 5 benefits of cosmetic dentistry performed by a Cosmetic Dentist Adelaide

A cosmetic dentist Adelaide consults with patients on any procedure that improves the appearance of teeth. It may be a single tooth procedure or a procedure carried out on a number of teeth to enhance a smile. It can also be a treatment to replace a missing tooth or teeth with implants and bridges. It may be tooth whitening or removing unsightly metallic fillings at the back of the mouth.

Our cosmetic dentist Adelaide team offer a complimentary consultation to discuss your cosmetic dentistry options. When searching for a cosmetic dentist Adelaide, the team at Yes Dentistry are highly experienced in these procedures to achieve a better smile.

What are the 5 benefits of consulting a Cosmetic Dentist Adelaide?

1. Confidence

A beautiful smile is one of the greatest benefits a patient can achieve after treatment by a cosmetic dentist Adelaide. Patients are often embarrassed about their teeth and either rarely smile or cover their mouth with a hand when they laugh. Once patients have had cosmetic dentistry carried out they start to smile more. This improves their self-confidence which can lead to changes in all areas of their lives.

2. Attractiveness

Restoring chipped and worn teeth and/or whitening teeth will create a more youthful appearance. It is the one thing that can take years of a patient. As a cosmetic dentist Adelaide, it is imperative the smile suits the patient. Our cosmetic dentist Adelaide team design natural smiles for the patient while taking the patient’s wishes into account.

3. Career prospects

An amazing smile can open doors for careers. A cosmetic dentist Adelaide can improve your smile which may enhance confidence when applying for a new job especially at the interview stage. Employers are looking for candidates who present well and a nice smile is part of the overall package. Day to day interactions with fellow staff and clients or customers will be greatly enhanced with confidence in your teeth and smile.

4. Function

Even though a cosmetic dentist Adelaide can improve the appearance of teeth and smiles, an underestimated benefit is improving your bite. As worn and chipped teeth are fixed then the bite with the opposing teeth is also improved. A patient can now bite and chew their food with confidence. Imagine eating any food you like and not having to alter the way you do this. You can eat on both sides of your mouth and even confidently bite into an apple.

5. Long lasting

Cosmetic dentistry aims to be long lasting. Here at Yes Dentistry, our cosmetic dentist Adelaide team use bonded ceramic restorations to build up broken down back teeth (crowns) or for facings on front teeth (veneers). Once bonded to a tooth these ceramics are very strong and can last a very long time. Even bonded resin fillings which can replace old crumbling metal amalgams can last up to 10 years. A cosmetic dentist Adelaide can assess a patient’s teeth and advise the best treatment options.

Consulting our cosmetic dentist Adelaide team in our modern surgeries is designed for the comfort of our patients is the first step to better teeth and a better smile.

Our cosmetic dentist Adelaide team have witnessed many transforming journeys. It is a privilege and an honour to see lives positively transformed by our cosmetic dentist Adelaide team as many of our patients achieve the dream of better teeth. We say YES to better smiles.