What is Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design (DSD) was developed by Dr Christian Coachman, an innovative dental specialist from Well Clinic in Brazil, whose DSD software assists dentists develop a precise smile design. 

Digital Smile Design (DSD) uses a series of high quality digital photographs to analyse a patient’s facial and dental proportions. By studying the patient’s face a unique smile can be created. It is a partnership between patient and dentist establishing the smile direction before any treatment proceeds. 

Dentistry is clinical. People are emotional. Digital Smile Design is all about the patient – bringing the clinical and emotional together. Advanced digital imaging provides a preview to the patient showing how their new smile will look. Patients are able to collaborate with the dentist to maximise their desires for their perfect smile. This invaluable visual tool enables a clearer understanding of what outcomes can be achieved in individual cases. Digital Smile Design encourages open dialogue between patient and dentist with clearer communication helping better dental outcomes. 

A treatment plan can then be targeted to specific problem areas and the smile design imagery helps technicians, dentists and patients clearly identify what work needs to be done. Patients can be confident that all clinicians will strive to achieve the smile they desire. 

Assisting patients to achieve their dream smile and seeing the impact this has on patients’ lives is a valuable and rewarding experience.