Why are dental implants becoming so popular?

In the age of technology, we are bombarded daily with images of people and their beautiful teeth – Celebrities; everyday people; young and old; male and female. It seems smiles and beautiful teeth are everywhere. This striving for the best that we can possibly be – Our best self – Has motivated many to search for options in helping them achieve this ideal. Many people in Adelaide are deciding that missing teeth are not OK for them – They are choosing the smile they feel they deserve. 

Great looking teeth that are as natural as possible, convenient to look after and will last a long time before replacement are aspirational and desirable. Dental advances mean there are now better options that are more accessible to patients who may have been unable to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are long lasting and more secure  than other available options.

If a tooth is severely decayed or broken and is unable to be repaired with the use of other dental procedures then a dental implant will provide the patient with an effective replacement. Previously an Adelaide dentist would often rely on a bridge to replace a missing single tooth. However, often two healthy teeth would be required to anchor the bridge to fill the space. A dental implant means compromising healthy teeth is unnecessary. In the case of a single tooth implant – No other teeth are affected.

A dental implant is long lasting and, if good oral hygiene is maintained, can last for many years – If not a lifetime. With no cavities occurring in the crown restoration of a dental implant, the aesthetic appearance is retained long term. However, patients must have regular dental checkups to ensure that bone and gum health are maintained.

Patients are looking for a natural smile. Dental implants are designed to look as close to a patient’s natural teeth as possible. An advantage with dental implants is the ability to eat and drink as you would do with a natural tooth. The convenience of a dental implant as opposed to dentures or a plate, which need to be regularly taken out and cleaned, can not be underestimated. Dental implants are a permanent replacement – No more loose dentures or dental plates where food can easily get caught. The convenience of dental implants in our busy, time-poor lives is a another reason for their popularity.

The popularity of dental implants can further be attributed to increased awareness of their benefits. The high success rate of dental implants motivates patients to consider them as a permanent and reliable solution to missing teeth. The ease of cleaning a dental implant as you would natural teeth, the peace of mind and the set and forget nature of dental implants has increased their desirability. It is important to maintain good oral hygiene for a successful dental implant outcome.

This also means regular dental checkups so your Adelaide dentist  can not only check the state of your dental implant but the surrounding gum and bone health. Patients are more sophisticated in their choices and are unwilling to settle for an inconvenient solution. 

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